Tenga Flip Air Melty

meltyTenga Flip Air Melty (£59)

The Tenga Flip Airs are the new updated versions of the Tenga Flip Lites.  Like the Lites (which appear to have been discontinued), the Airs come in black and white versions.

The Tenga Flip Air White edition is known as the ‘Melty’.  It’s so called because of the luxuriously soft noduled and ribbed inner masturbation sleeve that wraps around your penis.

This is the softest and gentlest masturbator yet in the Tenga Flip range.  It makes an excellent introduction to this famous brand and might just be the best Tenga Flip yet.


Tenga Flip Lite UK

tenga flip airTenga Flip Lite (£59)

The Tenga Flip Lite is now available to buy in the UK.  Also known as the Tenga Flip Air, the new Flip is a much more compact version of the original, as well as being lighter and cheaper.  Although the inner sleeve retains the amazingly delicious complexity of the original Flip Hole, this new version of the toy is simpler to use, as well as being easier to clean.

Click the image to read more details of the new Tenga Flip at LoveHoney.

The Mini Tenga Flip Hole

What’s different about this new Flip sex toy from Tenga?

The most exciting thing is the new size.  The Flip Lite is a truly compact and portable version of their famous toy, smaller even than the average Fleshlight – and lighter too.  It weights only 300g.

Yet despite the new compact size, the mini-flips pack just as great a punch as their bigger brothers.  These things look set to be the sawn off shotguns of sex toys for men.  Although the new Flips come in black and white editions, just like the big Flip Holes, it’s not just a case of squeezing the same interiors into smaller dimensions.  They are entirely new interiors that stretch every available inch with penis pleasing complexity and stimulation.

Tenga Flip Lite Inside

Inside the new Tenga Flip Lites

Tenga Flip Lite Japan

Unfortunately, the Tenga Flip Lite is not available to purchase yet in the UK, but  Tenga UK and Love Honey both hope to stock the exciting new mini versions of the famous Tenga Flip Hole soon.  As soon as they do, we will bring you news here.

The good news is that you can order the Tenga Flip Lite now, direct from Japan and it will arrive at your door within a matter of days – for only £40 (plus shipping by EMS).  Kanojo Toys stock some of the most unique and revolutionary Japanese sex toys available for import.  Why not try a sex machine or an anime love doll too?

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